Working hours:
08:00 - 20:00
Booking of halls
+7 (499) 166-61-65+7 (495) 737-71-84+7 (495) 737-70-00(add. 74-94)Fax: +7 (499) 166-61-47E-mail:
3 floor
Area: 390 m2
Capacity: 500 people

The total area of conference halls “Moscow 1” and “Moscow 2” are 390 sq.m., its ceiling height is 3.65 m., its capacity is 500 persons with the "theater" placement. Combined conference halls are air-conditioned and they are equipped with presidium as well as most modern sound-reinforcement system and audio-visual equipment with free Wi-Fi connection as well as LAN-connection upon request. For a more convenient work with visual information the hall has one main display, plasma panel for the presidium and two peripheral additional displays for the last rows reproducing the information. Common conference hall “Moscow 1” + “Moscow 2” is located next to the conference hall “Uglich” on the 3rd floor of main hall and it has its own coffee break area as well as welcome area with reception desk for participants check-in and also to give them an information and show the promotional items.

13 100 rub./hour
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(450 people)
Round table

Additional equipment, services and consumables
  • Multimedia projector in Conference Halls "Moscow 1+2", "Rostov+Suzdal", "Kostroma+Tver"550 rub./hour
  • Multimedia projector in Conference Halls "Moscow 1", "Moscow 2", "Uglich", "Rostov", "Suzdal", "Gzhel", "Palekh", "Vladimir", "Yaroslavl", "Kostroma", "Tver", "Kineshma", "Kolomna"400 rub./hour
  • Setting of sound-amplifying equipment in Conference Halls: "Moscow 1+2", "Rostov+Suzdal", "Kostroma+Tver"500 rub./hour
  • Setting of sound-amplifying equipment350 rub./hour
  • Laptop350 rub./hour
  • Wireless presenter150 rub./hour
  • MFD (Laser printer\Scanner\Fax)400 rub./hour
  • 500 A4 sheets of paper350 rub.
  • Plasma panel500 rub./hour
  • Sound recording in Conference Hall "Smolensk 1+2+3"400 rub./hour
  • Sound recording in Conference Halls "Moscow 1+2", "Rostov+Suzdal", "Kostroma+Tver", "Smolensk 1+2", "Smolensk 2+3"350 rub./hour
  • Sound recording in Conference Halls "Moscow 1", "Moscow 2", "Uglich", "Rostov", "Suzdal", "Gzhel", "Palekh", "Vladimir", "Yaroslavl", "Kostroma", "Tver", "Kineshma", "Kolomna", "Smolensk 1", "Smolensk 2", "Smolensk 3"250 rub./hour
  • Flip chart with paper and marker1 000 rub./(per 1 day)
  • Flip chart paper (10 sheets)500 rub.
  • Notepad80 rub.
  • Pen 15 rub.
  • Desk + 2 chairs to hold an exhibition250 rub./(per 1 day)
  • Internet access via a dedicated line250 rub./hour
  • Services Administrator and Technical Specialist (support activities)3 000 rub./day
  • Loading Services1 000 rub./hour
Coffee-breaks menuBuffet
  • Coffee Break «Welcome»210 rubles
  • Coffee Break «Home» without mineral water 255 rubles
  • Coffee Break «Home»325 rubles
  • Coffee Break «Stolichnyi»385 rubles
  • Coffee Break «Barsky»440 rubles
  • Mineral water 0.5l 70 rubles
  • Lunch "Buffet"735 rub.
  • Dinner "Buffet"735 rub.
  • Breakfast "Buffet"680 rub.