Dear Veterans of Izmailovo!
We are so grateful for the Victory, for your courage, bravery and your heroic deeds. We are so proud of you being close to us. We thank you for your work in the peacetime as well. We wish you good health, prosperity and long lives!

Some respected veterans of the Great Patriotic War had worked for many years here at Izmailovo hotel complex. Among them are Stepan Kompaniets, Boris Denisov, Dmitry Vinogradov, Ivan Egorov, Sergey Leontiev, Nikolay Myagkov, Alexey Rodionenko and many others. They all had passed through the War, were wounded and got awards for their bravery, courage and boldness. Many of them had reached Berlin. Some of them were not even 20 years old when the war was over. They also succeed in the peacetime, overcoming all life troubles.
While talking to them on the threshold of Victory Day they recalled proudly those days when they were fighting for the Homeland.

Stepan Kompaniets and Boris Denisov shared with us there thoughts on the past and the present.

Stepan Grigiorievich Kompaniets went to war when his was 17, fought at 1st Baltic Front  at the rank of corporal, acted as a sniper. Their front was heading west setting free the land of Belarus and Latvia. Stepan was wounded in July 1944. After recovery he got to 1st Ukranian Front, 162 tank brigade. He was promoted to gun-commander and got the rank of senior sergeant at 19. He took part in liberation of Prague and taking of Berlin. He was awarded with Orders of Glory and of the Patriotic War 1st class, medals “For Courage”, “For Battle Merit”, “For the Capture of Berlin”, “For the Liberation of Prague”, “For the Victory over Germany” and 17 more jubilee medals. After the war he served in militia (police) at Criminal Investigation Department. He got his retirement at the rank of colonel. He came to work at “Izmailovo” THC in 1985 and became the head of its Veteran Community.  Stepan still takes part in various activities and does large public work. His life motto is “Always look forward”!  

Boris Andreevich Denisov went to war in January 1943. He took part in Kurskaya Battle, fought at Central and Steppe fronts. He passed 1st and 2nd Ukranian fronts, Belorussian front in the ranks of the 2nd Guards Tank Army. He participated in taking of Berlin.  He was awarded with the orders of Red Star and of the Patriotic War 2nd class, with medals “For Battle Merit” (twice), “For the Capture of Berlin”, “For the Victory over Germany” and 14 more jubilee medals. During the period between 1945 and 1984 he served in MIA USSR internal troops. He came to work to security department of “Izmailovo” THC in 1985.

Stepan Grigiorievich and Boris Andreevich are joining our congratulations and wishing happiness, prosperity and health to all of us as well as all living brother-soldiers and participants of the Great Patriotic War.
“We would like the veterans live as long as possible and let there always be clear peaceful sky above our sons and their children’s heads” – these are their main wishes.

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