Tourist Hotel Complex «Izmailovo» («Gamma», «Delta») is a partner of VII International Singing Competition «Ticket to stars» which will be hold in Moscow from September 5th, 2014 till September 7th, 2014 with the support of Commission on Culture and Public Communications attached to Moscow city Assembly, Moscow Committee of Public Communications, Administrative board of Lianozovo Moscow District and Moscow Veterans organization of Russian Emergency Ministry. President of competition and chairman of the judges is Irina Velichka. She is soprano laureate of International Competitions in Italy, Greece and Russia, lead singer of orchestra attached to Chief Directorate of the MES of Russia for Moscow, academic of TV school Ostankino and also she is public figure.

The team of megacomplex is looking forward to welcome the participants of Competition «Ticket to stars» and to give them a special care and attention as well as provide them with our consistently highest level of service , which is based on the best traditions of hospitality.

After hard day of competition singers will be enjoy their rest at 2 000 cozy and comfortable rooms of different category, richest choice of restaurant services with a great combined cuisines and well-developed infrastructure «City-within the city» with widest choice of services which allow enjoying carefree and memorable stay.

We sincerely wish participants to have successful impressive performances and definitely to win while we will be take a care about their pleasant and good rest.

Yours ever,
Tourist Hotel Complex «Izmailovo»
(«Gamma», «Delta»)

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