Wedding Palace No.5: "The Palace of Happiness"

Wedding Palace No.5: "The Palace of Happiness"

Next to the Hotel “Izmailovo” (Gamma-Delta) there is “the Palace of Happiness”. It is a wedding palace built in the Naryshkin Baroque style. Its painted windows and rich interiors create the atmosphere of the 17th century and bring the sense of joy and originality of the moment into the life of just married couple. Round ceremonial halls with lancet windows and a comfortable lounge give a just married couple and their guests a hearty welcome.

And for the wedding reception, you can choose one of the banquet halls of the Hotel “Izmailovo” (Gamma-Delta). We offer exclusive wedding room decoration specially for a just married couple, which will help to make the festive day unforgettable.
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Kremlin in Izmailovo

Kremlin in Izmailovo

Only a few meters from the Hotel “Izmailovo” (Gamma-Delta) there is Kremlin in Izmailovo.

Kremlin in Izmailovo has already been famous for its unusual architecture and style performed in native Russian traditions for many years. Each building is unique and has its own name and history.

When in Kremlin in Izmailovo, you can visit various museums: the Russian Toys Museum, the Bread Museum, the Russian Fleet Museum and others. However, one of the most interesting museums is probably the Russian Vodka History Museum. The collection represented there demonstrates century-long history of Russian vodka since the time it was invented till the present day and contains over 600 kinds of this drink.

The Vernissage, a fair where objects of fine arts, crafts, folk crafts, souvenirs and antiques can be found, is very popular among the visitors of the capital. Vernissage is a town of craftsmen where you can visit the Street of Handicrafts, the Paintings Lane, the Flea Market, the Antique and Silver Rows and purchase appealing souvenirs.

Apart from the Vernissage and museums, you are invited to participate in unusual master classes in pottery, soap making, willow weaving, gingerbread painting and other kinds of folk crafts. Here you will not only get acquainted with the old Russian manufacturing history and secrets, but will also be able to create your own handiwork that will keep reminding you of your joyful and unusual leisure for a long time.

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Tsar's Estate "Izmailovo"

Tsar's Estate "Izmailovo"

The windows of the rooms command a lovely view onto the Izmailovsky Island surrounded with the ring of Serebryano-Vinogradnye ponds. On the island there is the Tsar's Estate "Izmailovo", historical complex of architectural monuments of the 18-19th centuries related to the most important events in the history of the Russian state where excursions and fancy-dress parades rake place.

The estate is situated on the unique artificial island created imperial order of the second Tsar of the Romanov family – Alexei Mikhaolovich, the father of Peter I. Peter’s Childhood and years of youth passed in the estate. In 1685—1694 Izmailovo woods were the place for maneuvers of his toy armies.

The Mostovaya Tower used to be the front gate of the estate where now there is a branch of the State Historical Museum "Izmailovo and Rulers of Russia".
Izmailovo Park

Izmailovo Park

Near the hotel there is one of the largest city parks in Europe - Izmailovo Park.

The vast territory of Izmailovo Park is designed for walks and entertainments. It provides lots of opportunities. Apart from numerous amusement rides, such as Ferris wheel, chute-the-chutes, etc., one can ride horses, ride a boat, hire skates and roller-skates depending on the season. One can come here with children of any ages.

In summer time concert programs take place, orchestra plays and there are performances for children and jazz evenings in Izmailovo Park. State and folk holidays are celebrated here with large-scale festivals. Traditionally, on September 5, on the City Day, festive fireworks paint the sky above Izmailovo Park with bright colors.

The entrance is free.
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