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Izmailovo (Gamma-Delta)
105613, Moscow, Izmailovskoye shosse, 71, 4G-D

Reservation department: +7 (495) 737-70-70, 737-70-55

IzmailovoNews · "There's always room for improvement!"

"There's always room for improvement!"

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- Top-managers of Tourist Complex "Izmailovo"("Gamma", "Delta") constantly manifest the truth of this statement. They have successfully passed the first training program "Management of hotel and restaurant enterprises" in order to improve their professional skills. This program was carried out jointly with the Russian International Academy of Tourism - the leading higher institution of the Russian Federation in the hospitality sphere. We sincerely grateful to the teaching staff of the Academy for participation in our improvement!

We hope that this experience will help us in the process of improvement the quality of services provided by our hotels!