“Alexey Vorobyev, Hotel Complex “Izmailovo”: about the Russian Hotel Assosiation: meanings, questions, tasks and tools.
Anastasia Morozova Hotel Complex “Izmailovo”: The results of 2015, expectations and prospects.
Place where there is everything for efficient work and proper rest.
Alexey Vorobyev: The results of the year. Politics or economics. Dialogue with the authorities and conditions for the development of the industry. China, halal, domestic tourist flow. How to attract business travelers.
Round table "Hospitable Moscow"
Alexey Vorobyev / THC Izmailovo: about history, crisis, incoming and domestic Russian tourism.
This year Moscow waiting for 200 000 guests from China as part of visa-free arrangements. Tourist Hotel Complex “Izmailovo” (“Gamma”, “Delta”) says: 欢迎您!
Anastasia Morozova / Commercial Director of JSC THC "Izmailovo" for Hotelier.PRO: about the realities of the market, the structure of the tourist flow, price sensitivity and forecasts
The history of Tourist Hotel Complex «Izmailovo» («Gamma», «Delta»).
Tourist Hotel Complex «Izmailovo» («Gamma», «Delta») cannot stay away from the coming games. Therefore our megacomplex Team made a personal video message for Olympic athletes to wish them a victory.
The second Russian Professional Housekeeping Hotel Competition "Comfort and Coziness - 2013" at Tourist Hotel Complex «Izmailovo» ("Gamma", "Delta").
Missionary Committee of the Diocesan Council handed over 6 000 copies of books "New Testament. Psalms" to the largest in Europe Tourist Hotel Complex "Izmailovo". Video by Soyuz channel.
Holy Bibles at Moscow hotels. Tourist Hotel Complex «Izmailovo» ("Gamma", "Delta") is the first. Video by Podmoskovie channel.
Tourist Hotel Complex «Izmailovo» ("Gamma", "Delta"). Everything for your business. The program "Nastroenie" (The mood), TVC channel.
Hotel «Izmailovo» ("Gamma", "Delta")". Summer Offer. The program "Nastroenie" (The mood), TVC channel.
"City within the city". The unique Megacomplex «Izmailovo» ("Gamma", "Delta"). The program "Nastroenie" (The mood), TVC channel.
New Restaurant complex Slavia was chosen as a place to carrying out «The Bride school» on June 1st, 2014.
Sweet love story which has started in hotel «Delta» 4* or new clip «Islands and Continents» by Eva Bristol and Nikolay Demidoff.
Shooting of a piece for the program "Morning of Russia" TV channel "Russia 1" in the Business and conference hotel "Delta" 4*