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The windows of the rooms command a lovely view onto the Izmailovsky Island surrounded with the ring of Serebryano-Vinogradnye ponds. On the island there is the Tsar's Estate "Izmailovo", historical complex of architectural monuments of the 18-19th centuries related to the most important events in the history of the Russian state where excursions and fancy-dress parades rake place.

The estate is situated on the unique artificial island created imperial order of the second Tsar of the Romanov family – Alexei Mikhaolovich, the father of Peter I. Peter’s Childhood and years of youth passed in the estate. In 1685—1694 Izmailovo woods were the place for maneuvers of his toy armies.

The Mostovaya Tower used to be the front gate of the estate where now there is a branch of the State Historical Museum "Izmailovo and Rulers of Russia".