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Izmailovo Tourist Hotel Complex ("Gamma", "Delta") welcomes guests with physical disabilities.
The hotel entrance has a ramp ensuring easy access for wheelchair-users. If assistance is needed, the hotel staff will be happy to help you to your room.
The spacious elevators allow in a wheelchair with its user and a person accompanying. A wheelchair can comfortably pass along the wide hallways.
"Gamma" and "Delta" hotels have special rooms for guests with disabilities. Single rooms with entrance halls are spacious and light. The doorways are wide, so a wheelchair can pass through. Beds are low - one can lay down without assistance.
Apart from the special-purpose amenities, the rooms for disabled have everything else for work and leisure: a desk, LCD TV, cable channels, a mini-fridge and a vault.
An important feature is the bathroom equipment. There are handles to make its use convenient. The sanitary equipment (bathtub, toilet and sink) is arranged low. The traditional bathroom set including a hairdryer, towels, self-care products and slippers is also available.
There is a telephone both in the bedroom and the bathroom. If any help is needed or questions arise, you can always make a call and get assistance of the hotel staff. A health center is available for all guests of Izmailovo Tourist Hotel Complex ("Gamma", "Delta").
Door locks are electronic, so you won't need to use traditional keys - doors are easily opened with pass cards.
Rooms specially equipped for people with disabilities are a must for any modern hotel. Izmailovo Tourist Hotel Complex ("Gamma", "Delta") offers the most comfortable stay and best service to its physically challenged guests.