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If you need an accommodation welcoming pets, Izmailovo Tourist Hotel Complex ("Gamma", "Delta") is your best choice.

Gamma 3* and Delta 4* hotels will accommodate you and your pet if it weighs up to 5 kg. Such accommodation of your pet friend will be free of charge. Only one animal per room is permitted.

The Hotel does not accommodate large animals, as well as wild and exotic species, with the only exception of guide dogs and police dogs.

There are rules of pet accommodation aimed at ensuring hassle-free stay for yourself and other guests.

You need to provide a veterinary reference indicating all the required vaccinations or a veterinary passport for the pet.

To make you pet feel at home, bring its mat or cage, pet potty and food plate with you.

If you don't have a cage with you, don't leave your pet unattended. This rule covers the whole territory of the hotel, including the room, the hall, lawns and common areas.

No pets are allowed in the restaurant and other common facilities. Walking of animals on the lawns around the hotel is prohibited.

Please consider in advance, how you are going to ensure your pet's hygiene. Using the shower in the room for washing pets is not allowed, just as the use of the room towels and bedsheets.

You will enjoy your stay together with your dog or cat at the Izmailovo Tourist Hotel Complex ("Gamma", "Delta"), if you prepare as recommended and follow the rules.

Accommodating your small pet in your room helps to save on kennels or avoid the need to ask your relatives or neighbors for this favor. And most importantly, it helps to keep the peace of mind - your beloved pet will stay near.